G’day Sydney! Inside the Opera House


I’m back in Sydney’s arms for the first part of 2017. Last year, I was able to see and explore the city and have my moment with the famed Sydney Opera House as well as the famous Harbour Bridge. But just like a curious little monkey that I am, I wanted to know this famous structure more.

This year, travel buddy and I took an inside look to the famed opera house, taking a tour within its walls and understanding the real story behind its construction and creation.

Although irrefutably Aussie, the opera house was actually envisioned and developed by a Danish Architect – Jørn Utzon. It was a beautiful marriage of functionality, beauty and art, with Utzon’s brilliance at the helm. Inside the building, the walls are built to resemble the piano keys and its acoustics are nothing less than impressive. Everything about the structure had a purpose and a reason and that is, in my book, just so damn freaking brilliant.

The acoustics are impeccable. A singer need not wear a microphone because it was built to be able to amplify the performer’s voice even without one. The seats are well thought of as well and have a purpose to the performers, not just as means to plop one’s ass on.

The tour takes about an hour to complete and you will be taken inside the famed walls of the opera house. If you’re lucky enough, you may be able to take a peek backstage or in a theater. You may book the tour online (I strongly suggest that you do so.) and choose your schedule. Adult tickets cost AUD $35 each and Family tickets cost AUD $95 ( This is for 2 adults and 2 children (15 years and under). Additional child tickets are available for $12.00 when purchased with a family ticket. Additional child prices only available over the phone and box office. ) You may get more information on their official website