Future Play is a pop up activity park set up at the 4th level of Century City Mall. The premise is that it is the amalgamation of physical play with technology. For 550 pesos per person as an entrance fee (plus 20 pesos if you aren’t wearing socks because socks are a must!), one tends to think that the price should be worth the experience inside.

Upon entering, you can see a hologram of the logo, spinning around in space. Impressive, yes but then again my son said “Oh you can do that with your phone. I saw it on youtube.” Ah… Okaaay…

They took a liking to the interactive LED wall. Had a few seconds of fun with it and then moved on. The adults looked at each other, confirming the thought that the kids may be done with this place in about half an hour.

Not quite what we expected

The place is quite new and the technology although impressive at the initial meeting, can be a bit dragging after. The AR motion game where you go through a series of scenery evading obstacles by jumping or ducking is quite a workout. However, it’s the same selection of scenery over and over again. It kinda feels like it’s a beta test program that we’re being charged for.

The other games also fall into that category. The projector wall “painting” and “ball fountain” were repetitive and after the initial stimuli has gone, it’s all pfft…

The car game is something that could be more interesting. The drawing section should be renamed a “coloring” section because the kids were limited to the template – which I understand since the algorithm is probably limited to the initially programmed and encoded shape.

The future of Future Play

I would say that the price is not worth the trip inside. Maybe until they increase the activities of make it more exciting. AR and projector based games can be done now in the home (Kinect and Wii games come to mind) and until there are activities there that can really blow our mind… I mean, our kids’ mind, I would suggest that you hold off on purchasing tickets.