Fine High Dining – Dinner in the sky Philippines


Dining experiences have definitely changed. From ambiance, culinary creativity to an over all feeling of satisfaction – dining experiences, with a huge stress on experience, is what makes a restaurant one of the best. If we are to talk about experience, then having a 4 course dinner while suspended 150 feet up in the air definitely falls into the definition of “experience”.

Dinner in the sky is on Forbes’ list of Top 10 Most Unusual Restaurants and is brought here in the Philippines by DITS Asia and MMI Live. The concept started 12 years ago in Belgium and is now in 40 countries worldwide! It’s the first time to have it here in the Philippines and from what I’ve read and heard, it will do its rounds in other major cities in the country. If you’re interested, the Manila run will end on May 21st so book your tickets now!

To make the experience even more unique to the diners, chefs are only on for a two week run. From Solaire Resort and Casino, DITSPH features chef Hylton Le Roux of Waterside (April 2 to 8), Alan Marchetti from Finestra (April 9 to 15) and Yakumi’s Norimasa Kosaka (April 16 to 23). Chef Kenneth Cacho, director for Culinary Arts of the International School for Culinary Arts and Hotel Management, will be starting April 24 until May 7, and is the ONLY Filipino chef to be featured. Finally, the number one chef in Belgium, Michelin-star chef Yves Mattagne completes the lineup (May 8 to 21).

The table accommodates 22 diners. There are two dinners each day, one at 5:30 p.m., and another at 7 p.m. If you’re looking for a great sunset, take the 5:30 pm one and if you want a more romantic and city light type, take the 7 PM slot. The experience lasts approximately an hour but you are encouraged to come in early because they do start on time. Bookings can be made on the website

Let me just answer a couple of essential questions:

  1. Are there bathroom breaks? Nope. The whole experience only lasts an hour so you either hold it in or wear a diaper.
  2. Can we bring a bag or camera? Sure! Just make sure that you can wear them or are not bulky. Remember, you are high up there so take what you can strap on your body or what you don’t mind watching fall from 150 feet up.
  3. Is it safe? Yes. It is perfectly safe and has been checked and verified by TUV Reinhold.
  4. How’s the floor? There’s no floor. Just a small metal platform for your feet.

5. Is it worth the price? Yes, if you’re looking for a unique luxury experience and if you have a great chef with you. We did.

Chef Hylton Le Roux prepared a 4 course Latin inspired dinner for us. He started with Tuna Tiradito with aji Amarillo paste and lime pickled red radish. I loved the ahi Amarillo paste! Chef Hylton says that the closest he can compare it with is the yellow capsicum.

Second course: Anticuchos de pollo with tamarind habanero glaze, mojo verde, baby beetroot and crispy cancha corn. 

I liked this the best! I wanted to lick the plate if it weren’t too embarrassing.

As the sun sets in the horizon, the night lights turned on and somehow changed the mood. Probably because now we can’t see how high we are.

Next course: Cuban-style slow cooked pork belly that literally melt in your mouth in Mojo sauce, agave roast baby carrots and spicy refried bean paste. 

Those chicharron crumbs are made in house and are fresh! Lord…help me.

Then for dessert, tinamad na si chef mag ayos. LOL! It was an interactive dessert where we had to plate our own dessert and whoever had the best plate, wins a special prize! I honestly state that I just like eating stuff and have no sill plating food.


ECONOMY CLASS (₱ 10,000)
Entrance to Dinner In The Sky Philippines lounge
Exclusive 4-course dinner menu
Complimentary juice and water during the meal

Exclusive UPGRADED 5 course dinner menu (First course on the ground, a pre starter of 7 pieces of sushi)
One (1) Glass Champagne (Lounge)
Two (2) Glasses of Wine (1 in Lounge and 1 during the meal)
Priority Boarding

FIRST CLASS ( 25,000)
Exclusive PREMIUM 5-course dinner menu (First course on the ground, a pre starter of 10 pieces of sushi)
Free Flow Champagne (Lounge)
Free Flow Wine (Lounge and Air)
6 pieces of Fresh Oysters from Finestra
8 pieces of The Patisserie Signature chocolates
Priority Boarding- FIRST to board