Although it is quite a small, the activities to do and places to explore in Hong Kong is definitely never lacking. To truly appreciate it is to go past the tourist-y places and just wander and explore. It also helps to have someone who lives there take you around!

I’ve never been past the usual shopping places in HK. Well, okay I’ve also been to Disneyland. However, that’s just a breadth of what you can do in HK! There’s the party scene and the chill out scene and the beaches as well! If there’s anything that I envy about HK is that they’re literally a bus or a train away from the beach.

Stanley beach is pretty laid back and has the chill vibe to it. It’s a nice place to go to when you’re a bit hungover with all the partying you’ve done the night before.

I’m starting to like HK more and more. Perhaps I will visit again soon. 😉

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