Bondi beach – to be honest, all I know about it was that you can find the clinic of the Bondi Vet, Dr. Chris Brown (a dreamy Aussie, in my opinion). Then there’s the beach of course, full of surfers, beach lovers, sun worshipers and sand captains.

As I did more research, I discovered that it had this amazing wall that is painted with different art from the locals, depicting their own interpretation of Bondi or of life in general. The restaurants and bars that are along the main road facing the beach also has their own special dishes to show the visitors.

Walking along the beach wall, you get to see all the different people who are taking advantage of the scenery and the ocean. Surfers stand at the beach and look out for the big waves they’re hoping to catch; families with small kids play on the sand and enjoy the summer sun; sports peeps play beach volleyball or throw a disc around and yes, plenty of babes in teeny tiny bikinis and big sunnies.

I would’ve gotten in the water but the temperature was at 21 degrees, a bit chilly for this tropical monkey. I thoroughly enjoyed just sitting on a bench, watching the sun set and the people pack up while eating macadamia brittle. Maybe I’m getting old… oh god.

The beach stretches for about a kilometer and is always in hot activity, emphasis on the hot. Since it’s summer, it has become a very busy beach and being easily accessible by the people living in the city, it has hundreds of tourists coming in from all over.

There are a lot of hotels in the area and if you want the ones with easy access to the beach, be prepared to fork over at least 350 AUD a night for a room. No quiet nights here as well, most of the hotels have restaurants or bars in their ground floor or second floors so expect some noise.

In case you were wondering: No, I did not go and stalk visit Dr. Brown.