Who doesn’t know and love Cheez Whiz? This childhood staple has saved many a meals for busy moms! My kids absolutely love Cheeze Whiz and were thrilled to be invited to the Cheez Whiz event! Watch their video below.

Cheez Whiz wants to encourage kids (and moms) to develop their creativity in cooking and preparing meals using the thick but easily spreadable Cheez Whiz. We have been doing so for years now but it is so nice to see fellow food creatives, especially ones that are so young. I fully support and encourage parents who let their kids “make a mess” in the kitchen, in the name of creativity!

Chef DJ Santos showed the kids (and the parents) how to make some simple but really cute snacks using Cheez Whiz. We’ve actually gone a bit beyond that in our own home – using Cheez Whiz as the cheese sauce for nachos, mixing it in with noodles to have a cheesy ramen, mac and cheese, lasagna, even some cheesy pot roast! The possibilities are endless!!

They also now have the pimiento variant, which makes making cheesy Latin inspired dishes so easy!