I have been hearing about this dive bar that supposedly has the best tacos and affordable beer somewhere in Makati. So, I dragged a poor soul to be my research partner with me and the first thing he asks is “What’s a dive bar?” I was so tempted to tell him to bring his scuba gear… but I fear for the symmetry of my face so I held my tongue.

I wouldn’t classify El Chupacabra as a dive bar per se. It is simple and has no frills and is…rustic but trust me, it adds to the charm of the place. There is indoor dining and more on the street and the very bourgeois friend was mildly horrified that he had to share his eating space with the cars that were trying to zip next to him.

One goes to El Chupacabra for their food and trust me, the food is worth it! Word got around that their street tacos are little pieces of Mexican heaven so they do get full even on weekdays and more so during nights. We had the street tacos and I tried their sisig street taco, a best seller I heard. I would have to say that the food is indeed good but the serving size is small – even for me. You may want to order several tacos just to get your fill. Tacos cost about 95 – 135 pesos each.

If it’s value for money that you want or if you have a hefty appetite, it’s better to get the burrito or the nachos. You can also get the grilled chicken meal (which was just lovely with the salad and rice) and have the street tacos as your appetizers.

El Chupacabra is located at Felipe Street in Makati – that’s parallel to Burgos (which may be one of the reasons for the dive bar reputation) right in front of the new Heckle and Jeckle. Tacos and other food is served from 11 am – midnight from Sunday to Wednesday and 11 am – 3 am from Thursday to Saturday.