I’ve been to Hong Kong several times before. When I was younger, it was all about the shopping! I loved going to the night markets at Temple street and TST and scouring the side streets for special finds. As a young adult, HK for me was all about food and dimsum and the best Chinese noodle soup ever! As a parent, it’s about Disneyland and Ocean Park and letting the kids be kids and using them as an excuse to act like one for a couple of hours.

Being an island, Hong Kong also has its beaches and its water attractions. I never experienced it until of late when I went to visit some friends and have a quick vacay. I was informed that it was a junk boat tour, so naturally I was thrilled to be on a junk boat as I’ve only seen them at the harbor before. I think that was my first crime. My second crime was that I totally just went on brain shut down and flicked on the vacay mode and have not gathered enough information about the place and how to get there, etc. I let Julian and Jason take care of that for me. Yes, I was the lazy traveler…

The point is, this was definitely something new and to be honest – it was like a blast from my college past, except that it was on water. So, I was punished for my first crime when at the harbor, a small yacht came up and we were told to board it. I was perplexed.

“Where’s the junk boat?”

“Oh, this is the boat!” (points to the yacht)

My head cocked to one side, I whispered “That’s not a junk boat”

“Oh, they just call it a junk boat tour but really it’s just us going to the islands and drinking ourselves silly. Lots of alcohol onboard!”

I must admit, the enthusiasm blanketed my junk boat disappointment. When in HK, I guess…

It was hedonistic, to say the least. There was the ocean and the beautiful day. The sun and the sea was a perfect combination and even the water sports were a lot of fun. I still had the usual walk around the block and visit to the temples for blessings though… that counts, right?

I think I have to do this again to give a much more detailed report 😉