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Perfume pioneer Sylvie Chantecaille launched her namesake company in 1997 as a boutique fragrance house, formulating scents using natural essences
inspired by classic French perfumery techniques. Each scent in the Chantecaille collection evokes a specific moment in Sylvie’s life, and is always inspired by her passion for flowers.

In the Philippines, Chantecaille is just about to come in the high end fragrance market and introduces the latest fragrance release, Le Wild. Bursting with the vivacious beauty
of wild Brazilian gardenias, Le Wild brings a uniquely modern floral experience—
a combination of heady floral atmosphere and green crispness, a bottled bouquet
of intoxicating wild gardenias that enlivens the wearer with its uplifting intensity.

Le Wi l d
E a u d e P a r f u m

The inspiration: “The last great luxury is the wild”. As deforestation makes true wilderness more and more rare, with countries like Brazil and Indonesia eliminating native greenery to cultivate cattle and palm oil for industrial use, the luxury of the true freedom of nature was
on Sylvie’s mind as she pursued her latest scent.

Pushing aside the conventions of white flower scent, she sought to bottle the excitement and allure of a Brazilian gardenia in the wild— a fragrance far more thrilling than that of the traditional cultivated flower. “Being free to escape to nature, gathering this eclectic, wild bouquet of crazy flowers and tossing them in my satchel, with their raw scent following me around, that’s the essence I was seeking”.

Picture a walk through a jungle bursting with verdant vines and voluptuous blossoms at every turn, leading you to an overgrown, untamed beach. The tropical climate builds the intensity of each floral encounter. This is Le Wild. Chantecaille says that this fragrance is
“my gift to the women who long for the wild—this scent is her key to escape from the city or the office into the deep, tangled beauty of nature’s utter freedom.”

Chantecaille X Art of Scent

Chantecaille partners with Art of Scent to launch their frangrances in the country. Sylvie Mongdeverchere, Regional Manager of Chantecaille and Harvey Taso, Global Training Manager of Chantecaille flew in the country to introduce Chantecaille to a very select group of guests.

Chantecaille is available in all Art of Scent stores. Follow them on instagram @artofscent_ph


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