Modesty aside, I have my ancestors and my genetics to thank for looking quite younger than my real age. Although, even with that, I am not a magical witch or vampire to be able to avoid wrinkles and other signs of aging on my face. Sometimes, a girl needs all the help that she can get.

I’ve been really bad with my skincare regimen. I flake with my routines, sleep with make up on, never use sunscreen, etc. Name the skin sin and I can assure you, I have done that. Now, I’m suffering for it. My wrinkles are so deep that they could might as well be an irrigation ditch in a rice field in Tarlac. Okay, maybe not that deep but it’s starting to show.

After attending the event for Céleteque, held at Mozaic Living in Mandaluyong, I’ve come to understand that taking care of your skin should not be an imposed regimen but rather, a beautiful relationship. Taking care of your skin requires the usual processes: clean it, moisturize it, protect it, eat properly and sleep accordingly. The magic potion though, comes in different forms under the new Anti-Aging line of Céleteque.

First off, Céleteque is a local brand. 100 Pinay beauty points given just for being a local product. I’d prefer to support local because they know Pinay skin; they know what my skin issues are and what other Pinays go through in terms of skin issues and signs of aging. Second, their brand works, period. My daughter has acne issues and she has used Céleteque facial wash and her skin has improved. Unfortunately, she has inherited my bad habit when it comes to skin care so this may take a while or a lot of Céleteque.

Aside from the Anti-Wrinkle Collagen Gel, Tightening Pore Serum and Rejuvenating Night Cream, Céleteque now brings you two new products, the Line Reducing Eye Mask and Rejuvenating Facial Mask. These products will definitely complete your day-to-night facial routine and help you achieve that healthy glow.

I livestreamed the event on Kumu and gave away the beauty box to one lucky viewer and she was so happy! Congrats, Cess!

Céleteque is available in all beauty spaces in your favorite department stores and pharmacies.