There is no doubt about it, Cebu definitely has a particular charm to her. The Queen city of the South is an amalgamation of cosmopolitan “urbanidad” with a laid back and lazy island chill vibe. It’s almost like a very pleasant schizoid experience.

I’ve been to Cebu several times in the past, both for work and play. I have nothing but pleasant memories of Cebu and each time I come over, I get a different perspective and another piece to write in my enlightenment journal.

What do you see in Cebu? Come and visit the island for its rich history. One must not miss out on the standard city tour where you get to see Magellan’s cross and the Mactan shrine. Back in 1521, a Portuguese explorer under the command of the Spanish king, landed in the country and named it the Philippines, in honor of King Philip of Spain. He asked his men to put up a cross and had a mass to celebrate their landing. About 3 weeks later, Magellan was wounded by one of the men of Datu Lapu-Lapu and was promptly beheaded by the datu. Not really a great way to go but…that’s how history says it happened.

Another must visit place is Fort San Pedro, the smallest fort in the country and one with a peculiar shape. The triangular fort now houses relics and photographs that show life in Cebu in years gone by. I love the fact that college students have their on the job trainings here and get to learn about history and share it with the guests. I didn’t know that Lapu – Lapu was a muslim until I was schooled by Laila, our guide for that afternoon.

The Yap-Sandiego house is also a must-see! This 300++ year old house has managed to survive several natural disasters which included the major earthquakes that happened recently. The Yap- Sandiego house is the only museum that allows you to go ahead and touch the accoutrements they have collected through the decades. It’s a wonderful display of how life was like during those times.

Don’t forget to ask for some blessings in the Taoist temple too! If that’s not your cup of tea then just enjoy the view where you can see the landscape of Cebu City and just a bit further along, the island of Bohol.

There are still other places to go to in Cebu and one day isn’t enough to go explore them. I wish I had more time but I guess this is a valid reason for me to go back again.