Anti-stress chit chat over coffee and hot choco

Cebu is one of my favorite places in the Philippines and I feel so lucky that my work allows me to visit my team there about 2-4 times a year. For almost 4 years that I’ve been going, one of the things that I always look forward to is their food. There are a lot of different places and cuisine to try in the city – from international food to the lutong bahay, from big and popular restaurants to small and quaint cafes, one of which is Cafe Noriter.

Cafe Noriter is a Korean-inspired cafe that’s been getting a lot of hype lately. The place is usually packed with college-level students and young couples. I think what draws people in are the playful atmosphere of the cafe and the post-its. It opened last just last year and with only about 5 months in operation, the place is now packed with post-its! Those colorful little notes are literally everywhere, from the walls to the ceiling. Upon entering the cafe, you will see a wall where pictures of guests are displayed and also a rack where house slippers are stored for guests to use. You will immediately know why because instead of tables and chairs, there are double-decked lofts with low tables, pillows and huge stuffed toys. You have to remove your shoes so you can lounge around the place. The interior is really hip and has a lot of cute stuff that will make guests gush. It is really a good place to relax and chat with friends, even if it can get a little noisy when fully-packed with customers. Since each group are in their own little “room”, you will still feel some privacy despite the chatter all around.

Their menu is quite limited though. For a cafe where people tend to stay for a long time, they have only 3 choices of food. It would be better if they have pastries to offer like cupcakes, brownies or even sandwiches. I also find their frappe a bit expensive. Maybe it’s because of the very quirky presentation and the extra cookie on top. But the taste is nothing to rave about. 

What makes Cafe Noriter special is really the place and the cool ambiance that will make you feel at home and reminisce childhood memories of bunk beds and huge stuffed toys. If you visit the place, don’t forget to bring your own sticky notes 🙂


Cafe Noriter
Don’t forget your sticky note ^_^

Cafe Noriter is in One Acacia Place, Archbishop Reyes Ave., Cebu City (across Hotel Elizabeth) and is open from 9:00 AM to 2:00 AM.

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