Bondi to Coogee cliff walk


Bondi is famous for its beach and the people who are enjoying the sun, sand, surf and sea. One can take a walk along the beach, or on the beach wall path. One can also have a drink in the numerous places along the main road or just sit on the grass and watch the world pass you by.

There is another activity that I highly recommend – the cliff walk. Granted, walking 5 kilometers from Bondi to Coogee may be a bit of a strenuous activity for some people (namely, me) but it’s well worth it!

Best place to start is at Bondi, just at the top of Icebergs. Icebergs in itself is an iconic place and is quite interesting because it is a salt water pool that enjoys having the waves crash and spill on to it from the beach. Bondi Icebergs baths is open to the public and has a reasonable entrance fee of AUD 6.50 for adults and AUD 4.50 for children and spectators. They are open on Mon-Fri, 6am-6.30pm and Sat- Sun from 6.30am-6.30pm. The pool is closed for cleaning every Thursday though but sometimes they still open it. Best to check with the staff.

The cliff walk takes you to the different beaches along the shoreline. The paths give you a higher perspective of the ocean and gives you an opportunity to take a gazillion photos along the way. I love the fact that there are a LOT of drinking water stations/stops along the way. Must not forget to hydrate! Especially in the hot Aussie summer sun!

Stop by Bronte beach if you like and go for a dip. Or just have a drink and a golden Gaytime. Selecta para sa atin, Streets naman para sa kanila. A tip though, the path along Bronte beach takes you to a dead end but it has this really cool rock formation that can fulfill your Birhen ng Guadalupe photo fantasy. So, when in Bronte beach, take the path along the road to continue on.

Because it is a cliff walk, there are times when the path is obstructed by some rocks or would need to be maintained. On this trip, a part of the cliff walk was closed due to the damage it sustained from a recent storm. The path was re routed to the Waverly cemetery where one could see some famous dead Aussies. Para din silang Pinoy with the way they have family plots pero wala lang silang mga magagarbong bahay ng patay aka mausoleum.

I love the whole nature scenery bit. I also love that I was able to see how Aussies really love the beach and the whole beach lifestyle. I’m gushing here, but so far, all of the Aussies I have met and encountered are so polite, nice and friendly!

Once we reached Coogee, we had a little celebratory dance and lunch. However, being the prissy monkey that I am, I convinced travel buddy to take a taxi back to Bondi.

The walk takes about 2 hours when done in a continuous leisurely pace. If you are one to take a gazillion photos (and you will, I promise, because every view is just soooo awesome!), the walk will take about 3 hours. There are other walks that go on after Coogee but the path is not yet completed. You can go on to explore Maroubra and Malabar if you want.

If you’re not fit to walk (or just don’t want to but would still like to do the tour) you can opt for a trike or bus tour. You can also do a snorkeling or diving tour! For more information, you can check out the official website of the walk here.