I have always confessed to being a water baby. If I had a choice between being at the beach or anywhere else, the beach and the ocean will always win. Ironically, I am also a celebrated expert on seasickness and klutziness. My gadgets and other accoutrements seem to share my fascination with the water and cannot understand that they cannot and should not be together – like ever.  I’ve tried using plastic bags and ziploc bags but in as much as they are effective and practical, they’re just not…pretty.


Blood Red offers water proof cases that are both functional and aesthetic – perfect for those who go sailing or who find themselves within a very close proximity to water. They also offer other accessories and clothing that has been designed and tested by experts – hoodies, caps, dry bags, shorts, shirts and rash guards.

You can check out their gears for yourself on March 21 – 23, 2014 at the SEA-EX at One Esplanade. They have an exhibitor’s booth (A7 and A8) at the country’s premier boat show and lifestyle Expo. You can also check out their website for more information and details about who they are and their products.

Blood Red Sea Ex