Singapore is synonymous to Sentosa and Universal studios but there are more things to explore and discover while you’re in this beautiful city! Oh and yes, there are a LOT of places for you to get your IG fix on! I know I’ve missed a lot of places but for now, this gives me a reason to go back and get my list completed. Here are some of the best Instagram places in Singapore!

First off, I commend the Singaporeans for their honesty. Back story: We were on our way to the hotel, straight from the airport and our cameraman forgot the three tripods in the back of the cab. He realized this about 15 minutes after we settled in the hotel room. Of course, the poor panicked cameraman was assuming the worst and was close to just chalking it up as a loss but I suggested that they contact the airport, trace the taxi, contact the driver or the operator of the cab and try to find out if it’s still there. After a couple of hours, we got a response back to say that the tripods are still with the cabbie and that it’ll be dropped off in our hotel the next day. YAY!! Oh, and they ALWAYS give back your change. AND they’re polite and grateful when you give them tips. So, double YAY!

Places to go, photos to take

I’m not a professional photographer, obviously. My whole ethos on taking photographs is “I like this shot! I think it’s great and shows how I see the world” That’s basically it. The traveling partner is more OC about taking photos. he’s thinking about the lines, composition, elements, lighting, etc. I’m just “Yeah. That’s cute” Very much to his chagrin. However, I would like to state that it’s all about expressing myself. So there.

To take really awesome photos, you have to be willing to go on an adventure. Take a walk down a street you’ve never been before, looking up or down, taking a different perspective, etc. I thank the traveling deities that my traveling partner appreciates and loves to go on the weirdest adventures with me.

So, without further delay, here are some of our favorite places in Singapore that are also very IG worthy!

Haji Lane

Haji Lane is a wonderful little alley that has unique shops and quaint cozy bars. The walls are amazingly colorful with drawings and paintings. Located in Little India, the path to Haji Lane is already very IG worthy.

Singapore Flyer

I can’t even start saying just how fun this place is! Well, except if you’re afraid of heights and ferris wheels. The light show inside was pretty cool and is definitely IG worthy!

Kam Leng Hotel

Hands down, one of my favorite places in Singapore. The ambiance of this hotel is so retro that I almost felt so disappointed that I wasn’t wearing era appropriate clothing. Go to the top floors for the best photos!

 The Merlion park

Granted, this is the most tourist-y place in SG, however it still is a great place for photos. Did you know wthat there are 12 merlion statues around the park? You can go on an IG scavenger hunt as a bonus! Take day photos and night photos!

While you’re out and about at night, go ahead and take photos of Clarke Quay and the marina at night! The Marina Bay Sands hotel looks amazing at night!

The streets of Singapore

The beauty of Singapore is that you can walk around, literally. I love being able to walk around and peek at little alleys and roads. They’re just full of different views and sights that aren’t offered to tourists.

What about you? Any favorite SG spots?