Well, it was mostly a lot of walking and eating. Bangkok has always been a city of extremes – at least for me. One thing about Bangkok though is that it will never ever be boring! From the lights and the tuk tuks zipping their way through the busy streets, to the serene temples and bowed down people, deep in prayer – there is a lot to see, taste and experience in Bangkok.

It isn’t my first Bangkok rodeo, so to speak, I have been here before in the 90’s. It’s still pretty much the same, and yet quite different. Faith and religion is a strong influence in the Thai culture, pretty much like Filipinos. On certain corners and parts of the city, temples and worship spots are always teeming with people who are praying, offering gifts to the gods and asking for guidance and blessings. It’s pretty intense for anyone but it is a good kind of intense, at least for me.

Then there’s food. Food, food, glorious food! Oh my heavens, the food. Have I mentioned that I love the food? The mall in front of the hotel had stalls on the grounds and they had all of these delicious food stalls. Of course, I had to try it!

4 days in the city seemed like an hour. I still have places that I haven’t explored yet and I’m using that as a valid reason to come back.