The Rebirth

In 2016, Azzaro Parfums draws on the brand’s roots to revisit the
original values of its founder, the couturier Loris Azzaro, a bold,
generous, seductive, free-thinking man, who knows how to enjoy
life and its pleasures:

• THE SOLARITY of a Mediterranean brand bathed in sunlight
that makes rhinestones more brilliant, life more intense and people
more flamboyant.

• Timeless SEDUCTION, so beautifully illustrated by Azzaro
Pour Homme and Azzaro pour Elle. Because, for Loris Azzaro,
a fragrance must above all be a “weapon of seduction”.

• HEDONISM, to only take the best life can offer and know how
to savor the present moment.

• GENEROSITY, to share strong and genuine emotions with
friends or family (perfectly portrayed with Chrome), as much as
the generous and unforgettable trail of Azzaro perfumes.

• FREEDOM of mind and body, to live life like a boundless
adventure, to dare to take risks… and succeed.

• The EXUBERANCE of creations designed to “have an effect”
in order to draw all eyes to you. Because life belongs to those
who dare and everyone has the power to live each moment more
intensely, in a world where anything is possible.

Azzaro becomes “the brand that celebrates life” and enables men
and women to defy destiny, trust their luck and attract their desires.

Azzaro WANTED is the scent of a man for whom everything is possible and everything
turns out well. An exuberant, solar, magnetic man that other men envy and women
desire. Free-spirited, with the soul of a rebel, he lives his life as he pleases, ready to
follow his instinct and change the rules of the game at the drop of a hat. Daring, he takes
chances with unswerving confidence and boldly taunts destiny to get what he wants.
He reaches what he targets, he gets what he dares.