Auro chocolate – the golden standard in rare Philippine chocolate


Pinoy chocoholics and chocoholics around the globe should take note of this PH made chocolate brand! Auro chocolate is proudly Philippine made and is on its way to becoming a world class brand!

First off, let’s talk about packaging – because I am such a huge fan of it. The beautiful gold art deco packaging is pretty and visually catching. The aesthetic stays true to the whole ethos of the brand. Auro – the name itself is cleverly done! AU – the element symbol for gold and Auro, a play on the Spanish word Oro, which means gold. The easy tear tab at the back of the box makes for easier access to the delicious chocolate – a great and clever trick.

Auro Chocolate

The chocolate is from a rare type of cacao found in Davao – Criollo Porcelana, an heirloom cacao that makes up about 0.1% of the cacao varieties in the world. It’s not 100% Criollo Porcelana though as that would make the chocolate too expensive, so they blend it with other varieties to produce the smooth, creamy and delicious Auro chocolate that we know of now.

Bean to Bar Concept

The bean to bar concept is pretty much the same with the farm to table concept. Auro chocolate works with the cacao farmers in Davao, helping them to build and grow their crops while purchasing their harvests for premium prices. It’s CSR at its core! Kudos to the people behind Auro: Founder Jackie Go, Co-Directors Kelly Go and Mark Ocampo.

Auro chocolate founder, Jacki Go with daughter Kelly

This also helps the brand, making sure that the cacao comes from a trusted source that share their goals and sets the same kind of standards in their produce. Davao cacao farmers understand this and have passionately committed themselves to developing the way they grow and care for the cacao trees, knowing that this is a figurative gold mine, so to speak.

So…how does it taste?

Off the bat, the aroma is absolutely divine! It smells like a wonderful golden promise to something that is soul stirring. If you had paid attention in your biology class, you would know that smell affects taste. The chocolate itself is so luxuriously smooth and creamy and melts in your mouth so wonderfully. Perfect with tea, coffee or in my case, wine. But don’t take it with sweet wine. Take it with a wonderful and bold red wine – a pinot noir or a cab sav.

It does have a low melting tolerance. The chocolate will melt in your hands if you handle it longer than what you’re supposed to (breaking a piece off and popping it in your mouth). Best to keep it away from warm places or keep it refrigerated.

I haven’t tried baking or cooking with it but maybe I shall reserve that for another post.


Auro chocolate has the milk chocolate, dark chocolate and dark chocolate coins, which I have learned, can be snacked on (if you like that sort of thing) or can be used for baking and cooking. I don’t remember where and when it was but I did have this roast chicken that had a wonderful chocolate sauce. I thought it was odd to have chocolate sauce with roast chicken but it was actually something that was delightful and impressive.

Kelly Go, Mark Ocampo, Chefs Miko Aspiras, Sunshine Puey, Eliz Tumambing
(proxy for Chef Peachy Juban) and Richie Manapat

Where to get Auro

If you’re in Manila, you can get it at their office: Fabtech Building (Phase 1 Block 3 Lot 2 and 3), Santiago St., Magallanes Village, Makati, 1232 Metro Manila, Philippines

You can also contact them through their website:

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