Typical office in Mercury City. I'm so loving that typewriter

Away from the blinding lights and the dinging sounds of machines signalling a game being played, beyond the Las Vegas strip are other points of interest in Las Vegas. If you’re a history buff with a side order of science geek, I strongly suggest that you visit the Atomic Testing Museum in Las Vegas.

Back in the early part of the 20th century, Mercury city in Nevada was a community about to boom (pun definitely intended). The military used the vast and arid desert of the state to be the testing ground of the weapons they were developing. It wasn’t just about the creation and development of these weapons that were the highlight of the museum – they also showed how the whole atomic fever changed the pop culture of America and have contributed to the development of Nevada as an income generating state.

Back in school I never really thought much about the atomic bomb – be it the creation or how it works. All I knew was the total destruction it created in Japan. It’s horrific, that can’t be denied but one must also appreciate the level of sophistication, talent and skill in making this weapon.

The museum is also a great window to the past. If you want to know how it was living in the 60’s and if you want to understand the Cold war, this is a great place to be at. I personally liked the movie experience I’m not saying anything other than you have to try it!

There’s also an Area 51 exhibit next door but to be honest, just give it a miss if you’re not with kids. It’s too cheesy for the adults who could be a little skeptical to begin with.

Some Tips:

  1. Photography is allowed in the main exhibition but videos aren’t allowed.
  2. Take time to read the captions and watch the videos.
  3. There is free wifi. Just ask the ticket booth for the password.
  4. If you’re not driving, you can ask for the phone number of a cab and get picked up.

The Atomic Testing Museum is located at 755 E Flamingo Rd, Las Vegas, NV. Check out their website for the opening and closing times.

If you are going to the museum, do me a huge solid and just download this digital map. You  know, to save trees and all.

Atomic Testing museum map atomic testing museum map description of exhibits

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