The latest in laundry detergent technology was recently launched at the Events place of Century  City Mall. The new Ariel Power Gel promises to be the best in removing stains in clothes using its nano-molecules to dig deep into the stains and  completely lifting them off without damaging the fabric.

The gel solution comes highly recommended by Sharp to use in their washing machines. The cap acts not only as a way to stop spillage but also as a measuring device. This is to ensure that one uses the correct amount every time – thus saving money and is very practical. Just to demonstrate how effective it is, JC and Rex soaked two identical cotton cloth in tea and coffee – best known for its amazing taste and stains! After a few minutes, they were presented to be almost brand new!

Ariel Power Gel’s latest brand ambassadors are socialite, mother and interior designer Tessa Prieto Valdes; Style director, businessman, Reality show star and stylist to the top celebrities Rex Atienza; Fashion designer JC Buendia and writer, host and celebrity stylist Liz Uy.

Photos by Renjie Tolentino