Obviously, I love to travel. It’s a continuous learning experience and traveling brings out the best in me. It inspires me to do more things and to be a better person, to understand my fellow man/woman and see how connected we really are, even though we are miles apart.

The concern with traveling though is that it costs money. The tickets, most especially. I mean, there are seat sales and low budget airlines that offer really low fares but you either have to wait for the seat sale to happen or wait for the promos to go on.

CAPE is an app that offers last minute flights to travelers. First off, it is an app developed by a start up in the Philippines, which is already pretty cool. The foundation of the app comes from the concept of “standby tickets”. These are the tickets that are usually reserved for airline employees or their families or for travelers who have missed their earlier flights. Notifications are sent to you if there is an available last minute ticket. These tickets also have a huge discount! At least 70% off! (I wonder if they have business class tickets on sale too because I will surely purchase those, if it’s at that price!) You can also get discounts if your friends book the same ticket and use your referral link. This is my link. Download the app on the App store or Google play.

Does this mean that I have to travel now? Like when I get a confirmation? What about the planning and all that stuff??? Fear not, anxious traveler. By the way, if you’re freaking out this much, maybe you DO need a vacation. You can find open flights departing within the next 7 days. This will give you enough time to plan. Still a little fly by the seat of your pants but in a controlled environment. You can then get a confirmation about your booking moments before departure – 24 hours or less. Take note that it’s flights for domestic and international! This means that you can now visit relatives, finally go and snorkel in Moalboal in Cebu or have your first taste of Hainanese Chicken in Singapore!

Currently, CAPE is only available in the Philippines and in Hong Kong. Oh, and there’s also a waiting list for you to get on the list. If you want to get on the list, click here.