2014 National Robotics Competition

Robotics is fast becoming the hobby of choice for a lot of Filipinos especially Filipino children. I, for one, am encouraging this! Last year, we had the very first RoboCon over at Robinsons Place Manila and I was so amazed at how talented these kids are in programming and building their robots! The youngest participant was 9 years old and he already built and programmed a robot!

2014 National Robotics Competition

This year, robotics enthusiasts can start the year with a rolling start (pun totally intended) as the Philippine Electronics and Robotics Enthusiasts’ club invites everyone to the 2014 National Robotics Competition  The event will be at the Phil Trade Training Center and it starts on January 25. Various exhibits are open to the public: 3D Printer, Humanoids, Digital Microscopes, Science LabDisc. Guests can also watch a special astronomy screening inside the Planetarium Dome! The best part? Entrance is FREE!

A special robotics workshop for students is available at the site. You can choose a schedule and buy tickets at www.smtickets.com. All registrants will get a FREE NRC Souvenir shirt, and Certificate of Training.

There’s something extra for the Teachers, Coaches and Admins. A special seminar led by Mr. Conrad Sng Lye Huat from INEX Singapore will be given for free as well

For more information or details about the event or if you would like to join the Philippine Electronics and robotics Enthusiasts’ club, you may contact Mr. Jonil Macaya at jomilmacaya04@yahoo.com or you may use the contact form below to send them a message.