Atticus King, Kim Epil and Tanya Llana

Grand Opening of Sunrise Surprise and Trim & Beyond

Sunrise Surprise and Trim & Beyond, owned and operated by businesswoman Kim Epil, officially opened it’s doors last August 1, 2016 located at Fil-Am Friendship Road, Angeles City. Ms. Epil wanted to create a comprehensive and holistic approach of addressing client’s, their needs and their wants. Along with her team, they offer a wide-range of services specifically designed to cater to all the facets of one’s lifestyle.

They envisioned a compound where people go for their face and body enhancement necessities – M’Estetica Face and Body Contour (be it a simple facial, body scrub or maybe a major surgery), a place where they can also check if their hair is in style – Trim & Beyond (have a quick hair cut or blow dry) and a place where they can satisfy their hunger after all the services they had – Sunrise Surprise. With that vision in mind, the team decided to open a chain of businesses aiming to give that one–stop–lifestyle haven for our clients.

These businesses were put up with goals not only limited to generating revenue, beautifying people and serving good food, they are devoted to satisfy, going that extra mile to customize services and meet and exceed expectations. We want a place where people can release their stress, the goal is to make our clients feel good and to make them feel that they have found a new friend in us.

These businesses are also motivated to fulfill social responsibilities, serve people who are in need, thereby pledge to utilize a portion of revenue to continue working on outreach programs and community services, as a way of giving back to the Universe. Well, the team always believed that the purpose in life is to leave this world a little better than how they found it.

There were amazing supporters that attended the event which include Ms. Kim’s fiancé Atticus King, CEO of Victoria Court, Angeles City Councilor Edu Pamintuan, The Last Don (On-line and known food blogger/photographer) Donny Elvina, Media friends from Manila, and other prominent individuals from Pampanga.


Risque Designs present the Amansinaya Collection

In Philippine mythology, Amansinaya is known as the feisty & strong-willed goddess of the sea, Bathala’s rival. Today, it is also the name of a very unique collection, collaboration between two strong women – designer, fashion provocateur Tessa Prieto-Valdes & Filipiñana-inspired shoe designer Tal de Guzman, the passionate force behind Risqué Designs.

This partnership is a good fit as Tal’s design aesthetics compliment Tessa’s striking fashion sensibilities. This 10-piece collection is inspired by endemic Philippine marine life. Risqué Designs is known for advocating the use of indigenous Philippine materials through partnerships with local crafts persons. Wood carvers from Paete, Laguna made the heels for the shoes first, then with Tal choosing the unique colours for the Hablon weave, weavers from Valladolid, Negros Occidental came up with the intricate designs for the weave.

In a first for Risqué, the designs also made use of laser cutting technology. All these elements were then put together by Tal to bring to life her & Tessa’s vision for the collection. The organic nature of this joint effort gives the people who worked on them a sense of pride & ownership, with everyone making valuable contributions to the finished product.

The designs range from the straightforward to the ornate, mimicking the diversity of marine life it draws inspiration from. In the myth, Amansinaya & Bathala eventually become friends, & this will eventually lead to the creation of the human race. Much like the myth, this project perfectly illustrates how people coming together can create something beautiful and lasting.

Risqué Designs is a Filipino lifestyle brand that brings forth modernity and luxury with its meticulously hand crafted artisan products. Risqué envisions a revival of traditional crafts to be competitive with global brands, thus fostering a surge in demand for age-old skills, such as loomweaving, wood carving and shoe making.

Retail Shop: Glorietta 3 ground floor (near Team Manila)
Instagram/Twitter: @risquedesigns
Contact Numbers: (02) 576-4691 / 0916-293-2400

Nelson Canlas channeling his inner Jedi/Sith hybrid

Love Wins, The Renewal and the Future at Victoria Court

Welcome to Victoria Court: a place where love wins, where there is always a chance for a renewal and where we can see and eagerly welcome the future!

July 13, 2016, marked another milestone for Victoria Court – the first ever “BED CON” (Presscon in BED) with their uber sexy power couple Troy Montero and Aubrey Miles. The Renewal, theme for the night, expresses not just the continuation of the strong relationship of Victoria Court and the entertainment world’s sweetest couple but also the reminder that all kinds of love are welcome with open arms.

To emphasize that love always wins at Victoria Court, Managing Director Angelina Mead King and her gorgeous wife Joey Mead King surprised the crowd as they walked thru the electronic doors of the Space Wars Party Suite at Victoria Court Canley, showing their support and love for their good friends and their advocacy. Some of the industry’s top news and entertainment personalities were there to show their support. Partying with the ambassadors were Nelson Canlas, MJ Marfori, Oscar Oida and Camille Abadicio, that’s just to name a few.

It was an amazing night – sci-fi ambiance, chill music, comfortable chit-chat and literally “out of this world” food. Since Victoria Court is known for their thematic parties, they created a special intergalactic menu, just to make sure you get the theme of the night. Examples are the Dark Side Burgers, Master’s Tofu and the crowd favorite – “A-TAY fighters”, Liver wrapped in bacon and sandwiched between 2 purple nacho chips. Very creative and innovative, a complete experience created to tickle all the senses – sight, sound and taste. If you were able to check out my Facebook live video, you can see just how awesome this suite is!  But for emphasis, let me list down some important details about the party room:

  1. You can rent this room for a party or just for you to live out your inner Jedi fantasy. Maximum number of people it can accommodate comfortably is at about 15 – 20.
  2. Yes, you can arrange for a complete party package – with food and drinks. You can have the thematic food or you can arrange something with the chef for certain dishes you’d want. I seriously love their sinigang.
  3. Yes, you can have the storm troopers appear in the party for a fee. Just let them know.
  4. Yes, there are some costumes and props that you can use and play with. They have Jedi robes, a Darth Vader helmet, light sabers, storm trooper pew pews and the pièce de ré·sis·tance, the very interactive millennium falcon cockpit. I strongly suggest that you command your guests to be in costume!

Anything else that you have in mind or just want to clear stuff up, you may contact them by clicking here.

Overall, the Celebrity Ambassador launch was more than just a renewal of a contract, it was more than just a usual event, it was a statement. Victoria Court’s message is loud and clear – We welcome all kinds of love with open arms.

Love is Love. One love… Only at Victoria Court.

Laser Light performance by the Alab Poi Dancers

Victoria Court’s Space Wars

Well, we all kinda know it’s a play on the licensed franchise that we all love and adore. *wink, wink*

Nevertheless, welcome to Space Wars! The newest and most innovative super thematic suite presented by Victoria Court.

SPACE WARS is a sci-fi inspired, hi-tech party suite, completely designed from the ground up to feature a stunning spacecraft interior, a custom designed Infinity floor to relive epic laser sword battles and for taking amazing photos and videos. It houses a fully hydraulic spaceship cockpit with light switches, pilot flight controllers and sound effects so guests can experience space battles, and indulge with their space fantasies. SPACE WARS suite boasts a similarly themed private garage that can be converted into a buffet and cocktail area for parties. Weapons and costumes are also available upon request for guests who really want to immerse themselves in the room.

The room packs an amazing amount of innovation and superior hotel amenities in a spacious 100sqm floor area. The suite comes with a private garage, operable satellite dish, detailed 3D printed accessories, automatic blast doors, interactive spaceship cockpit, infinity floor, windows with a space view, bedroom with galaxy views, smoke effects, sci-fi sound effects, sci-fi special effects, big whirlpool, karaoke, two (2) LED TV, Mini Ref and four (4) air conditioners.

Guests will also have a distinctive and delightful array of SPACE WARS inspired menu options creatively prepared by our renowned chefs such as the Dark Side Burger, Imperial Pasta, Trooper Onigiri , Space Wars Wrap, Pana Trooper and  cocktails called Jar Jar Drinks that compliments the whole experience.

So if you want to get your inner Jedi or Jabba on, this is the ONLY place to do it!

For a truly out of this world experience, you may book the room by contacting us through 0917-VCSERVE (0917-8273783), email us at For more updates, like us on or follow us on Twitter and Instagram @VictoriaCourtVC.

Typical office in Mercury City. I'm so loving that typewriter

Atomic Testing Museum Las Vegas

Away from the blinding lights and the dinging sounds of machines signalling a game being played, beyond the Las Vegas strip are other points of interest in Las Vegas. If you’re a history buff with a side order of science geek, I strongly suggest that you visit the Atomic Testing Museum in Las Vegas.

Back in the early part of the 20th century, Mercury city in Nevada was a community about to boom (pun definitely intended). The military used the vast and arid desert of the state to be the testing ground of the weapons they were developing. It wasn’t just about the creation and development of these weapons that were the highlight of the museum – they also showed how the whole atomic fever changed the pop culture of America and have contributed to the development of Nevada as an income generating state.

Back in school I never really thought much about the atomic bomb – be it the creation or how it works. All I knew was the total destruction it created in Japan. It’s horrific, that can’t be denied but one must also appreciate the level of sophistication, talent and skill in making this weapon.

The museum is also a great window to the past. If you want to know how it was living in the 60’s and if you want to understand the Cold war, this is a great place to be at. I personally liked the movie experience I’m not saying anything other than you have to try it!

There’s also an Area 51 exhibit next door but to be honest, just give it a miss if you’re not with kids. It’s too cheesy for the adults who could be a little skeptical to begin with.

Some Tips:

  1. Photography is allowed in the main exhibition but videos aren’t allowed.
  2. Take time to read the captions and watch the videos.
  3. There is free wifi. Just ask the ticket booth for the password.
  4. If you’re not driving, you can ask for the phone number of a cab and get picked up.

The Atomic Testing Museum is located at 755 E Flamingo Rd, Las Vegas, NV. Check out their website for the opening and closing times.

If you are going to the museum, do me a huge solid and just download this digital map. You  know, to save trees and all.

Atomic Testing museum map atomic testing museum map description of exhibits


SikatLokal at A Space Makati

A SPACE is hosting its first one-day bazaar together with AVA.PH. Happening on June 25, 2016 at Saturday – SikatLokal

We all know about how awesome A Space is – that really cool and funky shared working space in Makati. They always have an awesome event or two every week and they’re fun, artsy without the fartsy. This month, they’ll be having a really cool bazaar!
SIKATLOKAL is a one-day event showcasing curated local iconic brands in the country. This day’s event will feature booths from two categories: Food, Fashion and Lifestyle. Imagine food, shopping, music, arts and more – ALL IN ONE DAY. How could you not go to this?

Celebrate, support and promote lokal products by our modern-day entrepreneurs. Buy Pinoy! Gates open at 10am and close at 11pm.


The Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour

If there’s something else you’d like to do outside of the casinos and clubs in Las Vegas, you can book a tour to the Grand Canyon. There are several ways you can experience the Grand canyon however I do strongly recommend The Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour.

Yes, it’s in capitals. That’s because it is that awesome. It is pricey but trust me, it’s worth the money!

I will not deprive you of options though. There are other ways of doing the tour – there’s the most common, which is the bus/coach tour with a sky walk. This is the cheapest option however it will take you almost 12 hours just to do the tour. If you have a lot of time to spare and don’t mind the pace, then this is a good option for you. Then there’s the whole shebang – helicopter, boat and bus. It’s a good option too if you’re into experiencing the whole tamale – not good for those who don’t like to be in confined spaces too much. Then there’s the badass helicopter tour.

There are a lot of companies in Las Vegas that offer heli tours. We highly recommend Serenity Helicopters. First off, they are very highly recommended on TripAdvisor and Yelp. The service they give is First Class from start to finish! The thing that got me was that they treat every customer with such care and concern because as employees, that’s what they’re used to. I would full out support any company who makes their employees feel awesome because that translates to the kind of service that they give the customers/clients as well.

They pick you up from your hotel in a Mercedes Benz limo van (yes, very posh) that is fitted with ipads on the individual seats so that you can entertain yourself and browse the internet while you travel to the hangar. You also have your chilled bottle of water and some mints too. Matt, our driver was very friendly and chatty without being too obtrusive.

Seeing the Grand Canyon from above

There is a lot to be said about seeing the Grand Canyon for the first time. The mere fact that this mega structure is all natural and was underwater before is already impressive. But to see it from above? That’s even more impressive! We zoomed past the Hoover dam and Lake Mead and finally, went up, around and down the Grand Canyon! I like how they took into consideration every single detail – like musical scoring!

Our tour included a light lunch and drinks at the bottom of the West Rim of the canyon, allowing you to see, in 360 degrees, just how small you are compared to everything.

I wish I can fully expound with words what it felt like but honestly, there are no words. It’s one of those experiences that you get to immerse yourself in and just can’t explain. You’re reduced to the statement “You have to be there”

Things to remember/consider

First off, it’s really hot. What do you expect? It’s a desert. So, hydrate and put on some sunblock. It may also be advisable to plan your trip there during the cooler season. Summer is very popular but it is extremely hot – take it from a woman who lives in a hot place.

Wear comfortable and loose clothing. Yes, it is very tempting to wear a perfect OOTD ensemble but it’s really really hot out there so I strongly suggest that you wear comfortable clothing. It doesn’t have to be potato sacks but maybe you can leave your heels and gowns at the hotel.

You aren’t allowed any bags or luggage on board for safety reasons. They will gladly keep your items safe in a locker and give it back to you when you come back. Don’t insist on bringing your bag, please. Just listen and comply. Your phone and small camera will be allowed. They will take footage of your trip anyway and for 40 bucks, you can take it home.

There aren’t any bathrooms or toilets in the landing area so make sure you go do your business before you fly out. If you really need to go, the whole place is your toilet. Just watch out for snakes.

Book early. It pays to have your trip booked and planned early – on the date that you want, on the time that you want. Don’t put it off for the last minute.

Double Thumbs Up for Serenity Helicopters

If you want to go and do the tour, there are several companies who offer it. Well, if you walk down the strip, you’ll get people trying to sell you the tours. I do strongly suggest that you book with Serenity Helicopters. They are amazing! Art, our pilot is only 29 years old and has been flying for 10 years! The service is excellent, the facilities are impressive and the whole experience was just brilliant from start to finish. Check out their Facebook page, Instagram and Twitter



What Las Vegas taught me

Las Vegas. Also known as Sin City and for very obvious reasons. Every available space seems to be glittering or blinking – inviting you to come in for a closer look, just close enough to get their claws on you and then you’re pretty much stuck there. Whatever your vice is, it’s here and available, so long as you can pay the price.

See, that’s one important epiphany right there: Sin is expensive. A lap dance from a busty blonde/brunette/redhead/insert preference here will cost you $50 which lasts about 3 minutes or less. (Maybe request for Inna Gadda Da Vida or Bohemian Rhapsody for the song to get your money’s worth!). A drink is anywhere between $10 to $40, good meals go for $60 to as much as $100 per person. So yeah, maybe hold off on the lust, avarice and gluttony for the meantime. Now I understand what the nuns in my school used to say when they say that being good has its rewards.

Then again the city does attract more than 3 million visitors each year – both local and international. It is the 3rd most visited city in the world and the income generated from the tourism industry can go up to millions of dollars. This isn’t surprising though as one can see just how quickly people lose their money on the tables or the machines.

Maybe I’m being a bit harsh seeing that my only experience of Vegas is along the strip. But I can’t help thinking this when there is really nothing else to see after you go past the huge replicas of the Eiffel tower, statue of Liberty and the fountains. Hotel hopping and seeing the volcanoes, fountains, etc is fun but that can be done in a day. The exhibits are nice but very expensive – like everything else. After all of that, I honestly feel quite empty. Or maybe that’s my pocket and wallet.

That’s another thing that I realized: Vegas makes you feel that you are not giving enough. Not enough fun, not enough alcohol, not enough money, etc. Vegas made me feel old, poor and boring. I spent a majority of the time inside my hotel room. Well, there was a heatwave too so I wasn’t insane enough to venture out during the day.

Perhaps I am getting old for Vegas. Perhaps my taste for travel experience has evolved. If anything, this trip has given me several epiphanies and I will take that as a good takeaway from the city of sin. Inasmuch as Las Vegas is a hub of transgressions, it seems to still be aware of the people who would like to see the beauty beyond the blinking lights, glitter and daze caused by too much alcohol. While some people would prefer to see Vegas as a dolled up and glamorous woman, I prefer to see the lady without the makeup who smiles as she sips coffee in the morning – crazy hair and all.

That being said, I wave to the plethora of Elvises on the strip, blow a kiss to the Marilyns and say Viva Las Vegas!


Flow on with Flow House

Flow House Manila is now ready to rock and flow!

Water sports lovers and those who just love the water can now enjoy flow riding without having to travel too far just to be in a body of water. Flow boarding is a combination of surfing and skating with the bonus of having to do it in water!

Located in Molino, Cavite, Flow House offers more than just a place to get your flow riding kicks. It has a stylishly decorated lounging and dining area that can accommodate guests for your party or event.

Contact them through their website or through these details: 632-403-4344 or


Manila X Festival Poster

Manila X

Manila X brings you the grandest fusion of style and music in one explosive festival. Join us on June 04, Saturday, 6PM at Globe Circuit Events Grounds Makati and witness the merging forces of the local music and fashion industries.

Manila X Festival Poster
Fashion has always been heavily influenced by music, and the same can be said vice-versa. Street style provides evidence: music festivals are as celebrated for fashion as much as its musical acts, so much so that festival dressing has evolved to be a style genre of its own.

Milking this charmed connection between fashion and music is the Manila X Festival, where the metro’s hottest musical acts perform in the midst of a full-blown fashion showcase. Festival goers are in for a treat: four fashion shows will have models walk the runway in four different fashion themes: grunge, Coachella, sleek and activewear. Each show, scored by live musical acts, will be styled by one of Manila’s most sought-after celebrity stylists: Bang Pineda, John Paul Dizon, Myrrh Lao To, and duo Rain Dagala and Em Millan. Hip fashion retail website Zalora will also hold its own fashion show featuring its in-house brands. During this segment, the audience will be encouraged to purchase pieces worn by the models on the spot, entitling the live buyer to exciting discounts.

Now on to the music, Manila X Festival has an exciting line-up of live OPM performers and DJ acts. New boy band The Juans will be taking the stage, as well as real-life couple and songwriter duo Thyro and Yumi. Alternative rock band Kjwan lead by vocalist Marc Abaya will be performing alongside celebrated indie rock band Up Dharma Down. Under hip-hop, award-winning rapper Gloc 9 will definitely keep the audience tongue-tied in excitement. Fashion blogger and versatile singer Kiana Valenciano is a fresh inclusion to the line-up, while pop-rock singer-songwriter Yeng Constantino is sure to perform her hits. Manila’s most-followed DJs will also be on rotation. To make sure everyone gets to have even more fun, DJs Badkiss, duo Curse & Bless, Jessica Milner, Tom Taus, Marc Marasigan, Mars Miranda, and Ace Ramos will be spinning the night away.

Sponsored by make-up label BYS and online shopping site, and powered by TaskUs Philippines, the fastest growing startup firm in the country, Manila X Festival is the first of its kind in the Philippines—an event where music and fashion are both front and center. The festival happens on June 04, 2016, Saturday, 7PM at Globe Circuit Event Grounds, Carmona, Makati City.

Tickets are available at or on site at the day of the festival. They are being sold at PHP 800 for VIP and PHP 500 for general admission.To know more, visit the Manila X Festival website at, follow them on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter (@ManilaXFestival) and check the hashtag #ManilaX.


Cebu City – Sights and other sensory experiences

There is no doubt about it, Cebu definitely has a particular charm to her. The Queen city of the South is an amalgamation of cosmopolitan “urbanidad” with a laid back and lazy island chill vibe. It’s almost like a very pleasant schizoid experience.

I’ve been to Cebu several times in the past, both for work and play. I have nothing but pleasant memories of Cebu and each time I come over, I get a different perspective and another piece to write in my enlightenment journal.

What do you see in Cebu? Come and visit the island for its rich history. One must not miss out on the standard city tour where you get to see Magellan’s cross and the Mactan shrine. Back in 1521, a Portuguese explorer under the command of the Spanish king, landed in the country and named it the Philippines, in honor of King Philip of Spain. He asked his men to put up a cross and had a mass to celebrate their landing. About 3 weeks later, Magellan was wounded by one of the men of Datu Lapu-Lapu and was promptly beheaded by the datu. Not really a great way to go but…that’s how history says it happened.

Another must visit place is Fort San Pedro, the smallest fort in the country and one with a peculiar shape. The triangular fort now houses relics and photographs that show life in Cebu in years gone by. I love the fact that college students have their on the job trainings here and get to learn about history and share it with the guests. I didn’t know that Lapu – Lapu was a muslim until I was schooled by Laila, our guide for that afternoon.

The Yap-Sandiego house is also a must-see! This 300++ year old house has managed to survive several natural disasters which included the major earthquakes that happened recently. The Yap- Sandiego house is the only museum that allows you to go ahead and touch the accoutrements they have collected through the decades. It’s a wonderful display of how life was like during those times.

Don’t forget to ask for some blessings in the Taoist temple too! If that’s not your cup of tea then just enjoy the view where you can see the landscape of Cebu City and just a bit further along, the island of Bohol.

There are still other places to go to in Cebu and one day isn’t enough to go explore them. I wish I had more time but I guess this is a valid reason for me to go back again.


A beach, pools with a view and a great Mactan weekend!

Cebu city is an exquisite mix of history, leisure, urban development and natural beauty. The Queen city of the South never fails to make me smile and relax. Travel buddy and I took a weekend off from the rat race to unwind in Cebu at the Shangri-la Mactan resort. Last time I stayed here was about 2 years ago for my birthday with the family.


The Mactan Shangri-la is one of the premiere resorts in Lapu Lapu city. The establishment is a large expanse of different areas that have something for every guest. For the kids, there is the kiddie pool with slides, a kid centric fun zone that has air hockey and other video games, activities such as diving lessons, nail art and hair braids for the young kikays and even a snorkeling expedition!

Adults have several restaurants to choose from, a couple of pools to jump into and a really cozy beach to swim in. There’s also a gym, yoga classes, water sports and the luxurious Chi spa. There’s almost no reason for you to leave the resort!

The jewel of the place though is the beach and the wildlife that can be found just a few feet from the shore. We had an amazing time snorkeling the whole day!

The food and the service was also another element to be noted. The Filipino fiesta buffet was excellent and provided options that were definitely local and regional.

The Mactan Shangri-la is definitely a luxurious and magnificent place to be at when in Cebu. Check out their website for promos on the rooms!


Say HI to Shanghai with Air Asia Philippines!

AirAsia, the World’s Best Low Cost Carrier for seven consecutive years, is expanding its international network in China with the addition of direct flights to Shanghai from Manila. From June 10, 2016, AirAsia will commence 3 times weekly flights from Manila’s NAIA Terminal 3 to Shanghai Pudong International Airport, connecting Filipino travellers to China’s most influential city with all-in promotional fares starting from only P888, one-way.

Philippines AirAsia’s Commercial Head Gerard Peñaflor said, “Staying true to our commitment to provide more choices, better value and enhanced services,  we are pleased to announce our return to Shanghai with flights every TuesdayFriday, and Sunday at exciting introductory fares.”

AirAsia is introducing its Manila-Shanghai route with all-in promotional fares from as low as P888 only for one way, available for booking at starting today (May 12) until May 15, 2016. Guests who will avail of this promo will be able to travel from June 10, 2016 to October 29, 2016. This promo is also available on AirAsia’s mobile site

“Shanghai is one of the biggest cities by population and we are confident that this new route will stimulate new travel demand, boost tourism and business of both countries. With Shanghai Disneyland formally opening in June, we are inviting Filipinos to take advantage of our promo fares and experience the magical resort’s latest attractions and the largest enchanted castle that reportedly stands at 196 feet,” Peñaflor added.

Flights between Manila and Shanghai will be operated by Philippines AirAsia with the following schedule:


Flight Number From To Departure Arrival Frequency
Z2 18 Manila Shanghai 23:20 2:40 Tuesday/Friday/Sunday
Z2 19 Shanghai Manila 3:40 7:05 Monday/Wednesday/Saturday


Keep updated with AirAsia’s latest promotion and activities via twitter (@AirAsiaPH), Facebook (, Instagram (@AirAsiaPh), and on Viber public chat (@AirAsiaPh)

Top 5 Must Dos in Shanghai:

The Bund

A symbol of Shanghai’s colourful past and thriving future, this 1.5km-long waterfront on the banks of Huangpu River is lined up with avant-garde buildings that are Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque and Neo-Classical-inspired. Across the river is an astounding skyline of Shanghai’s skyscrapers, including the famous Oriental Pearl Tower.


Yuyuan Gardens

One does not think of tranquillity when you come to the Yuyuan Gardens. A souvenir paradise, there are countless vendors surrounding the lively square amongst impressive classical Chinese architecture. Shop for jade, jewellery or handicrafts, or even splurge at the more popular brands within the gardens.



Located in the French Concessions Area is Xintiandi, the ultimate car-free shopping, dining and entertainment area. Traditional Shikumen (stone gate) buildings have been turned into cafés and restaurants, bars and chic boutique stores. Translated as “new heaven and earth”, Xintiandi is a great place to soak in the historical and cultural elements of the city set amidst modernity.

Shanghai Art Museum

From the outside, the building strikes an opulent modern pose but once inside, it is a sanctuary for ancient art appreciation. Take a look at the intricate beauty of thousand-year-old Chinese bronzes, sculptures, ceramics, jades, seals, calligraphies, coins and currencies, paintings, furniture as well as crafts of China’s ethnic minorities.

Nanjing Road

A true shopping paradise! Nanjing Road is one of the world’s longest and most vibrant shopping districts, and a must-see for fashion shoppers and tourists! This 6km-long street is constantly buzzing with excitement all day, and when night falls, the vibrant lights from the stores and restaurants illuminate the street brilliantly.



Support for Cara!

There’s no shortage of talented and innovative Filipinos in the country. They do this not for fame or glory but to make other people’s lives better! One perfect example is Cara Garcia.

Cara is a registered nurse and has several academic merits under her belt. A Thomasian graduate, she believes in making a better and more effective simulator that will help patients with heart issues have a better diagnosis. Currently a simulator technician, Cara aims to present her creation to a conference in Texas that will help her find sponsors and companies who can help her build this simulator.

Cara is in charge of the Clinical Skills Laboratory of the College of Nursing of UST in Manila, Philippines.

Part of her work in the laboratory includes preparing simulators for skills training.  She recently developed a simulator that will help teach student nurses how to measure the ‘central venous pressure’ (pressure from within the big veins that bring blood back to your heart)  of a patient- using ordinary hospital supplies. This allows students to learn the complex ICU-level skill without causing any harm to patients.

You can find more about the simulator here:
A low-cost improvised CVP monitoring simulator

Now, there is a lot of technical talk but this infographic that she created may help us understand it more:


She also has a account so you can send donations to her. Any amount will go a long way and we will appreciate any help you can give! Click on this link to donate!

Let’s support Cara and help her fly to Texas!! Spread the word and let’s make Cara’s dream of helping other people come true!

Journeys with Martin

Journeys with Martin Nievera

The country’s best crooner and all around good guy, Martin Nievera lends his voice in this one of a kind benefit concert for EPCALM. EPCALM is a non profit organization that is focused on helping adults who are suffering from leukemia.

On May 24, 2016, a special concern titled Journeys with Martin Nievera will be happening at the SM Aura Samsung Concert Hall. Benefit concert tickets now available at SM Tickets ! #epcalm #journeyswithmartin #epcalmhopefund #smtickets


EPCALM has been helping adults who are fighting leukemia – supporting them with medical assistance and spiritual guidance. For years now, EPCALM has been the support group of not only the leukemia fighters but their families as well.

For more information on EPCALM, you may visit their website at