Cadbury Dark Milk – Get on the dark side

We all have our dark sides and more often than not, we are asked to keep our dark side the dark. However, there...

Victoria Court’s Space Wars

Well, we all kinda know it's a play on the licensed franchise that we all love and adore. *wink, wink* Nevertheless, welcome to Space Wars!...

Luminox presents Nick North in Manila

I'm going to start this post with probably the worst thing to say about a post on watches. I am not a watch person....

Chantecaille – Le Wild

Memo Paris


Golden feat for #MiladayNow

It was a night filled with the loving presence of family and friends when Miladay celebrated its 50th anniversary at Revel at The Palace in...

L’Oreal Professionnel Hair Contouring plus Smartbond

I like coloring my hair. I think that's pretty obvious for those who know me. I've had a love affair with hair coloring and...

Chantecaille – Le Wild

One Closet


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